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My Apprentice & Me

Julie Marteau, photo by Ben Verschaeren
Photo by Ben Verschaeren

This is me

I have been tattooing for several years now, in quite a few shops. This has given me the advantage of learning from other artists, each with different styles and thus creating my own style. The basis of my style is blackwork, sometimes combined with dotwork and/or ornamental elements. Favourite subjects are mandala's, portraits, animals, skulls, flowers,…and anything horror related! I’m also really fine with fineline tattoos. I’m fine, I swear! 

Fun fact about me: I suffer from RBF (resting bitch face, it's a serious condition), but I am actually a nice person.

You can find all my flash on my instagram flash account. DM me or use the contact page to claim a design!

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Faded Soul Dark Tattoos, photo by Ben Verschaeren
Photo by Ben Verschaeren


Hi, my name is Leslie and I work under the name Faded Soul Dark Tattoos. I am taking a step back and redoing my apprenticeship, because I feel it is necessary to help me grow as a tattooer.

I’m so grateful for the chance to be learning from Julie. My favourite subjects are insects, freakshow, curiousity... but any of your ideas are welcome!

Personal interests: vintage, art, concerts (metal) and proud owner of 2 cats.

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