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Bunni Tattoos is a small tattoostudio located in Mechelen and founded by me, Julie Marteau. My studio is located in the Vleeshalle, which is a very nice bonus for my customers. Drinks and food within reach! For me though, I suffer in my pocket. Because food is life, you know.

I have been tattooing for several years now, in quite a few shops. This has given me the advantage of learning from other artists, each with different styles and thus creating my own style. The basis of my style is blackwork, sometimes combined with dotwork and/or ornamental elements. Favourite subjects are portraits, animals, skulls, flowers,…and anything horror related! I’m also really fine with fineline tattoos. I’m fine, I swear! 

Fun fact about me: I suffer from RBF (resting bitch face, it's a serious condition), but I am actually a nice person.

Bunni Tattoos

De Vleeshalle, unit 6A
Huidevettersstraat 7
2800 Mechelen

Open Tuesday – Saturday
11:00 – 19:00